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Art, Coffee, & Murder

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Markus and Angie are private investigators who deal with forgeries and other crimes related to the art world. When a gallery owner asks the duo to look into his wife’s affairs, then ends up dead that very night, it’s up to Markus, Angie and the stone cold Detective Styles to figure out why.


Markus is the cool headed, patient and tolerant ex-cop who hates bureaucracy. Angie is the fighter, muscle, roller derby girl, and all around ill-tempered woman. She tries to contain her contempt for everyone and everything, while they dig deeper into the world of high stakes forgeries, organized crime, and attempted mob hits.


They can’t trust anyone when they discover a long lost Vermeer that shows up someplace it shouldn't be, and people start turning up dead. Can they stay alive long enough to uncover the truth? To find their clients murderer?


Art Coffee & Murder takes the reader on a journey into the dangerous world of art forgery, greed, and murder.



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A Markus & Angie Mystery
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